Start 2017 with a plan of action!

January 11th, 2017

replacement windows and doors, Manchester, AltrinchamWith the New Year well and truly on its way and all the decorations safely stored away, homeowners are beginning to emerge from the festivities and starting to think about actioning their plans for the year ahead.

Property maintenance is an essential part of homeownership not only to protect the owners investment but to ensure the cost moving forward is reduced.

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Need to find a replacement for an unusual shaped window?

April 6th, 2016

Replacement circular windowWhen many people purchase a property one of the common considerations they have involves the look and general feel of the property. Its kerb appeal. How attractive does it look? Windows play a massive part in determining a building’s character and appearance. They are often a building’s most prominent feature and can change the whole look of the building!

Windows, which stray from the general conform of the popular straight sided shape, can certainly add to the charm of a property. Architectural design and sty100_2285 copyle has changed over the years and the window has featured heavily in these changes. Once used to demonstrate the owners wealth by the materials used and the addition of stained glass etc. windows are now an ideal method of creating individuality and style.

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A classic example of how Bayfield has grown due to referrals/word of mouth recommendations

March 21st, 2016

copyBayfield Timber has built a reputation and business based on the high quality products and services it provides. Focussing on high quality timber windows and doors and exemplary service the majority of our orders are a result of recommendations.

A classic example of this happened recently when Mrs D watched Bayfield `s highly skilled installation staff carefully fitting 20160224_152605her neighbours new energy casement timber windows! She was so impressed she asked Bayfield Timber to change hers too!

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Just moved?

September 30th, 2014

Replacement windows, ManchesterThis is a popular time of year for home movers. With the summer holidays over and the children safely back at school many people are looking to find a new property with the aim to be in by Christmas!

Have you recently moved house or are thinking about it? It can be an exciting time with new owners eager to make the property feel like home. Tempting as it is to start choosing which wallpaper to put on the walls, it is sensible to ensure your new property is structurally sound and water tight first!

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August! A popular month for holiday makers and burglars!

August 4th, 2014

We take security very seriously. We actively seek products with enhanced protection systems that will meet today’s security demands.Replacement windows and doors

Our comprehensive range of timber products are accredited by the police-backed `Secured by Design scheme`. This ensures our replacement windows and doors will not only enhance the appearance of your home but will help to keep you safe too.

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Make the most of the summer weather!

July 21st, 2014

Replacement timber windows, manchesterWith such unpredictable weather in the UK, it is sometimes difficult to make plans, but there is one thing we can be sure of, the weather during the summer months is going to be better than the winter!

The warmer weather and lighter evenings make it an ideal time to devote to the maintenance of our homes. Modern timber windows and doors benefit from up-to-the-minute manufacturing techniques providing greater consistency and reduction in the risk of the timber twisting or knots bleeding. Older timber windows and doors however, require at least annual maintenance in order to prevent increased deterioration during the winter months.

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Do your timber windows need some t.l.c?

February 17th, 2014

The Met Office issued a red alert warning laTimber windows manchesterst week. The storms caused gusts of wind over 100mph in parts of the UK. Many homes were affected including tiles blown off the roof, garden fences and trees blown over. Some buildings lost their roof altogether. The power of the weather was incredible proving a real test of the stability of your home.

The difference between an older property with original timber windows which haven’t been maintained and one with well-maintained or replacement windows in substantial.

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Keep the cold out and the warmth in……

January 28th, 2014

Replacement windows and doors. ManchesterDuring the cold winter months one of the prime ways to keep the cold out and the warmth in is to invest in replacement windows and doors. Refurbishing existing windows can also save on your heating bills as well as adding value to your home.

We offer a wide range of timber windows and doors, to suit all tastes and all house styles. Our high quality exterior and interior doors are selected to ensure enhanced value from your investment and to provide the optimum in energy efficiency.

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Welcome to 2014

January 21st, 2014

Timber front door, Altrincham, ManhchesterThe New Year is well under way and many of us are planning to take stock and review everything we had planned to complete during 2013 but which didn’t happen for one reason or another.

If this sounds familiar and one of the things you had intended to address last year was that ill-fitting drafty window or perhaps it was your front door that was on the agenda?

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Size or shape is not an issue!!

November 4th, 2013

replacement windows and doors, Unusual shaped windowsDo you have windows and doors which are not a conventional shape or size?

Some windows have distinctive shapes and features setting them apart from the more familiar rectangular or square shape. Windows may be a different size or shape for a number of reasons. Read the rest of this entry »