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Beautifully sustainable

Here at Bayfield Timber we have always felt very strongly about the part we play with regard to the environment. What can be more environmentally friendly than wood? When it comes to offering environmentally friendly products, we have always been at the forefront.

We recognise the need to limit our impact on the environment. This is reflected in the choice of suppliers and manufacturing processes that we employ. Bayfield uses suppliers who are as environmentally committed as ourselves. All from sustainable sources, we use only wood which is sourced from FSC or PEFC accredited suppliers practicing sustained management.

All wood treatments are water based and all Bayfield Timber contracts are made to order. When a product is input to the ordering system, a subsequent order is made to our suppliers for precise amounts of materials, which will be used during the manufacture. No materials are kept on stock minimizing waste.

99% of our products are thermally efficient, protecting the environment by lowering energy consumption therefore producing a smaller carbon footprint. Using less fuel will not only generate less carbon dioxide that leads to global warming but will help preserve the fuel supply’s for future generations.

We ensure all timber we remove from buildings goes into the recycling chain. We actively promote preservation and refurbishment of wooden windows. We don’t just rip them out and sell new windows. We love to sell a combination new and refurbished. Do Bayfield’s competitors offer this service - we bet they don’t!!!

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