Timber sunrooms

Timber sunrooms are an old concept with a new name. They have been more commonly used in warmer climates however recent years have seen a huge increase in their popularity in the UK.

The definition of a sunroom varies but Bayfield Bespoke likes to think we have played our own small part by having some standard concepts and plans to help our customers decide how they want to utilize their space. Part of the attraction of sunrooms is their sheer versatility, in that they can be an adjunct to a kitchen or a living room where even on a crisp spring day the great British weather can be enjoyed without catching pneumonia!

Bayfield’s mantra is temperature control, so pleasant and relaxing even in extremes of heat or cold.

Bayfield Bespoke are convinced that our sunrooms are superb value for money and are real added value to a home. Increased investment in a home should mean enhanced pleasure and enjoyment and that is what our customers tell us our sunrooms have given them.

Most of Bayfield’s competitors pay little attention to the specification of their products and in particular the choices that need to be offered to ensure maximum pleasure is derived for the investment in their property.

We don’t want to give away our secrets so if you choose to engage Bayfield Bespoke prepare yourself for lots of choices that will give you food for thought. Remember choice does not have to mean extra cost it should mean real satisfaction and pride at a job well done.

So come on give Bayfield Bespoke a chance to show you our range of concepts and start dreaming about those long summer evening’s over a glass or 2 of nicely chilled wine.

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