Start 2017 with a plan of action!

With the New Year well and truly on its way and all the decorations safely stored away, homeowners are beginning to emerge from the festivities and starting to think about actioning their plans for the year ahead.

Property maintenance is an essential part of homeownership not only to protect the owners investment but to ensure the cost moving forward is reduced.

Ensuring your property is structurally sound is a priority, once done however will last many years. One of the other high priority issues to be dealt with are the windows and doors of a property.

With energy bills yet again on the rise, assessing the quality of your windows and doors is imperative if you wish to reduce the cost of heating your home.

  • Does your property still have the original window and doors?
  • Do you have double glazing?
  • Are you experiencing any draughts or rattles from your windows and doors?
  • Do you have any damaged windows or frames

Wooden window frames can be particularly vulnerable areas, with the sills more likely to suffer from rot. Water tends to remain on the sills longer wearing away the paint and eventually seeping into the wood leading to rot. If the window or door has been neglected this rot quickly spreads to other areas of the frame.

Timber windows

Our timber windows benefit from up-to-the-minute manufacturing techniques enabling greater consistency and reduction in the risk of the timber twisting or knots bleeding. The laminated engineered timber windows come with a 30 year anti-rot warranty on hardwood and softwood timber windows, a 6-8 year paint guarantee is also available for a low maintenance solution. Bayfield ensures superior quality and performance that you would come to expect from a timber window removing any previous misconceptions of annual outside paint commitments.

Exterior doors

Exterior doors can get damaged over time through normal wear and tear which in turn could make it vulnerable to rain water.

All Bayfield timber front doors are manufactured from a 44mm 18 ply hardwood blank. For additional security this also has two sheets of aluminium running throughout the entire width and length of the door. This makes our timber doors extremely resistant to attack as well as to warping and twisting.

Offering a 30 year anti-rot warranty and a 6-8 year paint guarantee on our timber doors for a low maintenance solution, Bayfield ensures superior quality and performance that you would come to expect from a timber door.

When it comes to maintaining your property whether it is a business or residential property the importance of high quality windows and doors is apparent.

Whether it is just the one, or a complete set, Bayfield can match or compliment your existing windows and doors.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and start 2017 in a warmer, more secure way.

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